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I create to affect people's brain-minds – to make thinkins happen, cause reactions, skew things, maybe crack some smiles. I create ruckus in viewers' thoughts – I make things a bit odd, bit funny, bit scary, bit gross. I create playfully odd characters with exaggerated limbs and noses and circle eyes; drips, spits, bloods, and kiddo-friendly art, too. Look and think and see what focuses, what makes sense, what doesn't make sense. Look. Think. Process. React. I made your brainmind tinker – I did that.



(full gallery here)


(full gallery here)


(full gallery here)

Upcoming Exhibition:

I'm thrilled to announce my participation in SPLIT Gallery's upcoming group salon-style art show, 'BOLD'

SPLIT Gallery Omaha BOLD art show


SPLIT Gallery:

2561 Leavenworth Street

Omaha, Nebraska USA

Dates and Times:

Friday, April 28, 2023: 5:30pm - 9pm

Saturday April 29, 2023: 11am - 3pm (opening reception)

Sunday, April 30, 2023: 12pm - 4pm

Welcome to the artist website of Brian Finn. Here, you will find galleries of BFinn's paintings, line art drawings, commercial designs, YouTube videos, a list of his art exhibitions, links to him around the web, ways purchase his work, an artist bio, and contact information.

'Ductling' acrylic on canvas, 30"x40" artist: Brian Finn artist website:

'Ductling,' is a painting finished in late February of 2016. I worked on it an hour here, an hour there every couple-few weeks since the previous summer, but the painting was actually started about five years before that...
In 2010, it started as a painting of a duck popping through a piece of bread. I finished, but didn't like it, so I did as I do with all paintings I don't like -- I blacked out the canvas. This one, I liked the duck bill, so everything but the eyes and the bill was blacked out. It sat untouched for five years until Summer 2015. I slapped it up on the easel, stared at it a while, broke out brushes, and painted a fresh composition in white.
Color takes me a while because I'm self-taught and mess up a lot, plus I've become a perfectionist, so... TIME.

Here it is, completed: 'Ductling,' a painting of a baby duck in diapers shaking a rattle and shooting milk from its nipple. Acrylic on canvas, 30"x40." Prints now available at my Etsy shop via this link:

NEW: Dye Sublimation

'Zebra' is now available on signed & numbered 13"x13" white holographic foil prints. First edition limited to 20 prints. Comes with a certificate of authenticity. Get yours here:

Large Size 'Catchy' Print:
octopus painting catchy print omaha artist brian finn.jpg

A new print is now available by Omaha artist Brian Finn: 'Catchy' a nautical/octopus/music theme, 18"x12" print hand-signed and titled by the artist, available now at:

Finn Chair Song 2020.jpg

'Chair Song'

mixed media on canvas


Finn Swine 2020.jpg


mixed media on canvas

26.24"x26.25" (framed)

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